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Use the template below to write a comment for the scoping phase of Seattle's 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update. Fill in the blanks with options we've provided or come up with your own!

In this phase, the city decides the range of land use possibilities it should study and eventually implement. The city has proposed 5 alternatives ranging from no change (Alternative 1) to allowing a bit more multi-family housing in some areas (Alternatives 2-5).

We believe that none of these alternatives go far enough and thus call for an Alternative 6. Join us!

If you want to learn more about Seattle's Comprehensive Plan Update process, check out this flyer and other additional resources.

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and I believe that Seattle needs to create an Alternative 6 option for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update.

Of the current options, Alternative 5 is the bare minimum, but will still not be enough to resolve the many crises our city faces and will certainly not be enough to create a
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place to live into the future.

A much better option would be an Alternative 6, which at a minimum would:
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If the city of Seattle adopted this proposed Alternative 6 option, then we would be able to:
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The other options (Alternatives 1-5) fall short for many reasons, including the following:
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The city of
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is a good example of what I would most like Seattle to become. Here is a link to a picture of this city:

Please study this proposed Alternative 6 so that we can truly begin to solve the housing, homelessness, climate, inequality, and affordability crises in Seattle.

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